I got nothin'

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I came here to update my blog....it isn't going so well.

I thought I could write about something amazingly witty that took place during my day, week, maybe even this month....and I came up with nothing. NOTHING! That is quite sad because I can usually think of something interesting I have contemplated....NOTHING.

So, maybe I could update on our move....it was a REALLY boring blog post so I deleted it (bottom line: everything is in a box, uhaul comes this Saturday, hopefully every muscle in my body doesn't hurt the next day).

Since I came up with absolutely nothing, I went over to Pinterest for some inspiration....and this sums things up nicely....

This is my worst blog post EVER and if I had any sense I would delete it....but I said I would update...so there ya go! I should go drink some more!


  1. Haha our Pintersts could be really good friends...mine looks the same :)

  2. Sometimes you just have to update to let the world know you're still alive. Did you get moved yet? Settled in?