Friday, May 25, 2012

I won't lie...I am drawn to a life of chaos. I like to be busy and I seem to have this unspoken goal of doing as much as humanly possible before I kick the bucket. Recently a lot of my madness came to a close right as some new madness started. I am wrapping up my year as a board member for our MOMS club and our Silent Auction was a huge success. It was a lengthy process, but SO worth it. I made friendships that I hope to keep forever and we made a good chunk of change for a deserving cause!

And now, in two weeks, we are embarking on a very big adventure....a move! We haven't moved in 9 years and it's easy to forget how much the process truly sucks. But the promise of a 3 bed, 2.5 bath house with a two car garage keeps me going! The kids seem to be doing well with the process so far and N is excited about having 3 toilets (I am too! Nearly every time I use the bathroom, he has to simultaneously). But he told me the other day that it would be more practical to have a 2 bedroom house with bunkbeds for him and his sister. Hearing the word "practical" come out of my 4 year olds mouth was pretty darn hilarious! 

Lately, having two children has been a bit more trying than it has been before. P is getting more independent and just into EVERYTHING. She absolutely adores her brother and wants to do anything he does. N has a very large "personal bubble" and screams any time P is within 40 feet of him (which is very difficult when your house is only 30' x 24'). There is a LOT of yelling and fighting and I just wasn't prepared for it quite this early (P is only 14 months old). 

But there are times, even as I type this, that they are playing together (granted, N is pushing P in a car as fast as he can across the house and letting go, and she is giggling with far no one has been hurt) and I'm so thankful they have each other and that they get to be siblings. Two children is WAY more work than I imagined, but WAY more rewarding too (Thank God!)

And today, while walking in the park, N grabbed P's hand and I walked behind them. They weren't fighting and they were genuinely enjoying each other and I captured this melts my heart!

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