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August 4, 2021 A Little Knitty Newsletter

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more felting kits have landed

Sure, penguins might not fly...but these just landed from the UK!  You can find the baby penquin , bee & more in-store or online

Cute Hexi Knit Stitch Marker Set

These cute stitch markers are simple yet effective. I like that they don't hug tight to my round needles, so I can easily flick them from the left needle to the right when I need to move them! Grab these stitch marker sets in-shop or online HERE


Baskets have arrived all the way from Africa (via Canada). These baskets are better traveled than I am! Because of their travels, some baskets arrive a little wonky...but no worries! They come with instructions on how to get them damp and reshape...which is a perfect activity this time of year with our warm weather! You can find these baskets in-store only, as they are kinda spendy to ship (and let's be honest...they have been traveling enough!)

New crochet shawl and new mannequin/team member!

It might look like I purchased another mannequin, but that new gal is our newest team member, RACHEL!!!! Rachel is our new Wednesday and sometimes Sunday gal that you will see in the shop. She is an expert crocheter that I have a feeling we will bring to the dark side (a.k.a. turn her into a knitter).  She crochet up this new shop sample and this thing is cozy and just screaming to wrap you up in a hug on chilly fall evenings!! You can find the pattern HERE . For our shop sample, Rachel used 3 skeins of Stardust Fiber Studio DK weight yarn. Near the end she did run out of the white she just used other colors until the end. I love a project where you can pivot when you run out and turns out epic!!!!

Rainier Roses Trunk Show

We are SO thrilled to have Maribel back in the shop! Maribel worked at A Little Knitty until 2020. That same year she began dying yarn and SHE ROCKS!!!! Come check out all the cool things she has been dying!