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Empower People Cowl

I just finished my EmPower People Cowl and I just love it!! 
emPower people is a purple colored craftivism project aimed at uniting crafters to spark conversation, engagement, and action. Wear it when you vote, grocery shop, march, or knit in your socially isolated bedroom. We would love to see a sea of purple to represent unity so please tell your friends, family, knitting groups, or anyone who can knit, crochet, or sew a simple pattern. Make a bandana and a commitment to vote!This is the emPower People Knit bandana and there is also a crochet pattern here and a sewing pattern and all three are free and available at the emPower People website.
No matter how you plan to vote...get out there and VOTE!!! <3
Link to the pattern:
If you would like this is Malabrigo Rios in Purple Mystery and can be found here:
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Sea Salt Sweater

Recently, our friend Susan finished knitting this AMAZING sweater using one of our yarns and she asked if we would like to borrow the sample for a little bit...and of course, my answer was a very loud YES!!!!!!
Sea Salt by Laura Aylor  has a rather interesting construction. The sleeves and top of the sweater are knit side to side in garter stitch. The body is then picked up and knit in the round. Susan used Subtle Drifter from King Cole and it's the PERFECT yarn for this breezy sweater!!

And if you have leftovers...the Shift Cowl by Andrea Mowrey is the perfect piece to pair with this sweater!!

Patreon Supporters

In March, when we had to close the shop, I started a Patreon page to help keep things afloat (all those bills like water, garbage, sewer, electricity, phone, internet and rent were still staring at me) and to share online classes and other information. It kept me very busy during the closure and my mind busy thinking of new classes and techniques that I could share.
I honestly thought it would be just a couple weeks, then it became obvious it would be longer. When we were allowed to open at a modified level, it was apparent I could not publish content at the rate I was when the shop was closed. I didn't close the group...but changed it over to be a place I could give discount codes and thank our community for their support. At one point I thought about shutting it down completely because I couldn't offer any new content...but after chatting with some supporters I decided to give tons of warnings about the next billing cycle (I understand everyone is experiencing hard times!!!!)…

New Yarn - Zen Yarn Garden

Fall is in the air....and all those fall vibes are splattered ALLLLLL over this new yarn from Zen Yarn Garden!!! This fingering weight yarn is super all around. It is a 90% SUPERFINE, SUPERWASH Merino and 10% Nylon. Weighing in at 100g to 400 is a plump fingering weight yarn that will make COZY socks and shawls!!!! I really like a more dense this yarn speaks to me!!!
This is our first order from Zen Yarn Garden...but we are thinking this might become a regular in our rotation!!! 
I have a TERRIBLE case of cast-on-itis right now. I have a few design projects that I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY HAVE TO FINISH....yet I just purchased this pattern and am deciding which Zen Yarn Garden Yarns I will select!

The pattern can be found here:
Right around the corner would be another AWESOME pattern for this yarn. I knit a sample for the shop using another 400yard/100g ball of yarn and it worked perfectly and had plenty of yarn!!!…

Restock - Curl Up & Dye

We absolutely love locally dyed yarns! It was my passion from the start to be a shop that supported other local business owners...and of course our best selling local product is YARN!!!
Curl Up & Dye is so much fun to say....and even more fun to knit with. Curl Up & Dye has a couple different yarn bases, my favorite being her BFL base. Blue Faced Leicester (pronounced "lester") is a longwool breed. The fleece is curly and much lighter than others. The yarn makes a great sock because of the long-staple length is soft and wears very well. You can learn more about BFL here:
You can read more about Curl Up & Dye here:
You can purchase these gorgeous yarns in shop and online:

Locally Dyed Yarn

Merino Sock
75% Superwash Merino 25% Nylon
100g / 463 yards
Hand Wash and Dry Flat

BFL Sock
80% Superwash Blueface…

Embroidery Kits Restocked

In March when the quarantine began, I grabbed one of these embroidery kits. My knitting mojo was missing in action, my crochet abilities were hampered by tendonitis and I needed SOMETHING to do!!! The embroidery kit was exactly what I needed. I didn't really have to think (it's like coloring with yarn) just follow the lines printed on the canvas. I have no embroidery experience, so I'm sure it's not technically great...but it's good from a far! ;)
We just received a new shipment of these kits...and this time we added the Kraken (hello, NHL fans) and Bigfoot (Original Social Distancing Champion). Grab a kit and dive right in!

You can find all the kits here:

Anne Cowl - PNW Yarn Crawl Fall 2020 - Crochet Pattern

The Anne Cowl is our crochet pattern for the Fall 2020 PNW Yarn Crawl! There will be more information added to our PNW Yarn Crawl page as we get closer to October!