Yarn is just more attractive when it is on sale!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I love a good deal...especially on yarn!!!

One of my missions with the shop/blog/website/social media is to make knitting and crochet more accessible to those who want to learn but just aren't sure where to start and can't sink $100 into yarn for their first big project....I totally feel ya!!

So here are a few awesome sales that are taking place so that you can get crafting!

The Big Sale at knitpicks.com

I have always been a Knit Picks fan, and they really are a great resource for beginning knitters! If you are looking to stock up on their yarns, check out this awesome sale!

We will be having a HUGE sale in the shop on Small Business Saturday (November 26th). This huge sale is a thank you to the community that has supported us & will allow you to score great deals and will allow us to source more yarns, add in more classes and keep growing!!

Please consider stopping in...it means a lot to us!!!

We might be brewing an online sale too...stay tuned!!!

Thank you to those who have stopped in, spread the word and helped in any way! Please continue doing so!

This blog post does contain affiliate links. These links do earn a small kickback to A Little Knitty. This allows us to keep growing and bringing you the best resources in Knitting and Yarn Crafts! Thank you so much for your support!

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